These videos are for people who hate to read the instructions but really want their equipment to work!  Precision Agriculture Technology is here to stay.

Raven Cruizer II – #1 how to assemble out of the box
Raven Cruizer II – #2 how to set up defaults first time in field
Raven Cruizer II – #3 how to acquire and start GPS
Raven Cruizer II – how to set up
TeeJet Matrix 430 – how to setup and demo
TeeJet Aeros 9040 – how to setup and guidance
Reasons to Buy Electronic Guidance
How to Set Up a TASC 6300 by Brian Mathis
How to Calibrate TeeJet Injection Pump & TASC 6300 Console with Brian Mathis
Training by Brian Mathis Injection Pump Calibration on TASC 6300 Console
Raven CR7 How Start Job & Steering Adjustment
Raven CR7 How Make a Field Boundary & Start Last Pass Guidance
How to Troubleshoot Precision Electronics Raven 660 Console
Raven CR7 How to Determine Acreage in a Boundary
Raven SCS 660 How to Program Your Console
Raven SCS 450 How to Program Your Liquid Product Console
Initial Programming the TeeJet ARC 6000
Making a New Profile for Raven RCM
Changing Profiles in the Raven RCM
Changing Product Density, Gate Height & Spreader Constants in Raven RCM