Thanks for visiting Newton Crouch Inc’s booth and website. Newton Crouch Inc offers a wide variety of spreaders and sprayers for row crops, pastures, orchards, vineyards, and more! Innovation and customization is our specialty. Let us help you find the best equipment for your growing needs. Many of our sprayers and spreaders can be used for a variety of crops!

High Clearance Adjustable Axle Spreader

Our newest Pull Type Spreader is quickly becoming our most popular. The adjustable axles allow you to spread on a variety of row crops with a simple axle change.

Liquid Nitrogen Applicator

With tank capacities of 300, 500, or 1000 gallon, this applicator can be customized for any size farm.

Blueberry Sprayer

This small sprayer is modified from our boomless sprayer. Will customize with a variety of tanks and fittings. Let us customize it for you.

Narrow Vineyard Spreader

This narrow spreader can fit into orchard and vineyards without any problems. Its wildly used with blueberries.