Raven offers a choice of multi-function field computers to match your operating needs—and give you the power to control, simplify and improve virtually every farming function with ease. Variable rate applications, auto-steering, automatic boom height and section controls, GPS-guided on-off planter controls, yield monitoring, record keeping, mapping, wireless communications—you name it!

Viper Pro Key Features and Benefits

  • High-powered operating system maximizes system functions and capabilities
  • Super-sized 10.4” touch-screen display lets you see more and do more
  • Scalable variable rate technology
  • Wireless Internet capability offers in-cab data transfer, analysis and two-way communications, connecting your cab to the world
  • Four field patterns for easy line acquisition and more accurate coverage plus Enhanced Last Pass to make irregularly shaped fields a snap
  • Automatic correction intelligence and quick turnaround lock mode for enhanced line acquisition
  • Sturdy RAM-mounted console gives you complete system control at the touch of a finger
  • Real-time data mapping, field reports and record keeping saves you time and lowers costs
  • Multiple USB ports let you load and transfer field data easily
  • Efficient Rbin data format improves your ability to record, analyze and make the best use of field data
  • Industry compatible technology allows you to share, collect and print data from commonly used industry software and equipment
  • Optional WatchDog™ sprayer station helps take the worry out of spraying by recording real-time weather information
  • Compatible with GreenSeeker® optical sensing and application for evaluating crop status as you spray

Enzio Pro II Key Features and Benefits

  • Complete multi-function capabilities for every stage of your operation
  • Brilliant 6.5” touch-screen display for easy operation and clear viewing day or night
  • Multi-product control for added efficiency, including direct injection
  • Multi-product VRA technology for more precise planter and application controls
  • Integrated dual-frequency GPS receiver upgradeable to RTK accuracy
  • Slingshot-ready for wireless data transfer, remote support capabilities, high-speed Internet access—and more!
  • Last Pass contour guidance makes irregularly shaped fields a snap
  • Four field patterns for easier line acquisition and faster, more accurate coverage
  • Real-time data mapping, field reports, and record keeping for better decisions and performance
  • BMP and SHP file formats enhance your ability to record, analyze and make better use of field data
  • Simple to operate with easy-to-use computer navigation and logical programming
  • Affordable