True power. Slingshot® RTK/Online Service is the ultimate team player—and has already begun to revolutionize precision farming by enabling other precision ag equipment and growers to do what they do, only better. Improved productivity, greater efficiency, less waste, lower costs, greater certainty and better information and management decisions are the ultimate result. For more information about all of Raven’s products, view the Guidance & Precision Brochure.

Slingshot Key Features and Benefits

  • Wireless RTK correction signals via cellular networks for universal access to sub-inch accuracy
  • ZERO line-of-site RTK signal limitations provide uninterrupted operation and convenience
  • Real-time communications and data sharing with any computer anywhere ensures better data, better decisions and more productivity in the field
  • Seamless data transfer from the field to secure online accounts
  • Remote capabilities for changing settings and profiles from distant locations
  • Remote live support via high-speed Internet slashes downtime and operator error
  • Compatible with both Raven and non-Raven precision ag equipment