ARC & TASC Series Features:

  • Large, backlit LCD display shows speed, application rate, total applied,working width, distance covered, field area and total area
  • Scan feature monitors and displays all functions
  • Error message system signals misapplication and identifies problem source
  • Ground Speed Override function can be set to match operating conditions
  • All TASC & ARC consoles carry CE certification
  • Non-volatile memory retains settings and data when disconnected from power
  • Variable Rate-ready consoles can be connected to Mid-Tech printers or Mid-Tech Data Link for variable rate applications
  • Upgradable firmware
Model Number of Producs Liquid/Dry Variable Rate Injection Ready
ARC 6000 1 Both No No
TASC 6100 1 Both Yes No
TASC 6200 2 Both Yes No
TASC 6300 Carrier + 3 Injection Liquid Yes Yes
TASC 6500 Dual-product + 3 Injection Both Yes Yes
TASC 6600 Carrier + 6 Injection Liquid Yes Yes