Model 64 Truck Mounted Liquid Applicator

Spray with accuracy in the most efficient and durable truck sprayer on the market.


  • Tank: 1250 Gallon, stainless or fiberglass
  • Pumps: Metering, defco, Scot, Hypro, CDS-JohnBlue
  • Agitation: By-pass sparger tube, PTO or hydraulic centrifugal pump
  • Controls: Ground wheel drive, Mid-Tech, Raven, defco dial valve or Dickey John


  • Manual or hydraulic
  • Stainless or carbon steel, tripod type structure with spring-loaded shocks
  • Lengths up to 60’ swath
  • Nozzles: dribble, flood, or spray


  • Foam marker
  • Chemical inductor
  • Rinse system
  • Fence Row Nozzles

This video explains the features of this impressive truck sprayer.

Features of a 1250 Gal Commercial Sprayer with John Blue 9055 Pump and Raven CR7 Guidance

Watch a 2 minute demonstration of our truck sprayer in action.