Model 45500 PHS Poultry House Sprayer

Newton Crouch Inc’s poultry house sprayers have an overall low clearance of 5.8 feet and can easily ride through your chicken houses. Our design with quick coupling ends and multi-directional booms will save you time when washing out poultry house.


  • 500 Gallon Elliptical Poly Tank with Sump
  • Diaphragm Pump –Includes Pulsation Damper and Control Unit, Featuring Adjustable Pressure Regulator, Manual Dump Valve, and Glycerin Filled Gauge
  • PTO Shaft with Quick Coupler Ends, Telescoping to Drive Pump
  • Bypass Agitation Through Dump Valve
  • Hose Reel and Hose – Spring Loaded Hose Reel. Hose Rate for High Pressure with JIC Ends on Pressure
  • Adjustable Handgun
  • Nozzles – 4 Adjustable Side Mounted, High Pressure Wash Nozzles. One Adjustable Center Mounted High Pressure Wash Nozzle
  • Frame constructed of Heavy Channel
  • Tires – 12.5L x 15 Implement
  • Hubs – 6 Bolt 3500 lb.
  • Springs – 6 Double Eye Leaf


  • 5 Each Low Pressure Wash Nozzles on Boom