Boric Acid Equipment

Application of Boric Acid in swaths along the floor of poultry houses is a quick, cost-effective means of managing Darkling Beetles.  Boric Acid has a triple mode of action as a neurotoxin, stomach poison and desiccant which makes it difficult for an insect population to become resistant.  In addition, Boric Acid has the longest residual activity of any insecticide used for crawling insect management and is very safe to use around poultry.

Model 43 Boric Acid Spreader

Poultry Litter Amendment Spreader

Improve air quality by using our spreader to apply poultry litter amendment in your house.

Liquid Storage

Newton Crouch stocks a full line of poly liquid storage tanks.

Litter Spreaders

Learn more about our line of Litter, Shavings, Sludge, and Compost Spreaders. We offer pull type or chassis mounted models.

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