Model 40 Cotton Spreader

With Newton Crouch Inc’s highest clearance spreader, you will get maximum benefits from nitrogen and minor elements by split application of products at taller growth stage of your plant. This spreader is fully supported at the front of the spreader to help it carry the elevate load.

NCI spreaders have a wide variety of options. Customize your spreader to your requirements – not a one size fits all – by speaking with our knowledgeable representatives who can advise you on components to get the best equipment for your use. Call 800-241-1350 toll free


  • Ground clearance at bumper of 44 inches – high clearance
  • 12,000 pound rated spindle, rim, and hub
  • Rectangular 4×6 tube frame
  • Low setting of 80 pounds per acre (48 Lbs/cu.ft.)
  • High setting of 3800 pounds per acre of lime (85 lbs/cu.ft.)
  • All ground drive or optional hydraulic motors
  • Spreads up to 16 rows
  • Tires – 11.25 x 28, 12 ply
  • Capacity of 123 cubic foot


  • Four row attachment for banding
  • Window for easy viewing