Model 57 Wildlife Fertilizer and Lime Spreader

With sixty years of experience in the spreader industry, our engineers to develop this compact spreader perfect for food plots. We can help you choose the best features to ensure that your food plot is easy to maintain and has the wildlife coming in hungry.

We have a short video of our own Wildlife Spreader in action. We have hunters in the family and want to “get the big one” just like you. And for some extra excitement, you can watch us get the tractor stuck in mud later that day. That video required a bit of editing (mainly removing the sound!) The guys weren’t too pleased when the harrow sunk in mud – if you get my drift…

NCI spreaders have a wide variety of options. Customize your spreader to your requirements – not a one size fits all – by speaking with our knowledgeable representatives who can advise you on components to get the best equipment for your use. Call 800-241-1350 toll free


  • Capacity of 103 cu.ft. / 3 tons – Larger than most competitor’s 3 ton models
  • Fertilizer and lime spreader
  • Stainless steel hull, dishes, blades, and conveyor
  • Trailer length fully supports hull for better support
  • Trailer made of tubing and wet paint, blue
  • Trailer raised for higher ground clearance in small, tight areas
  • Hull bolted on for easier trailer maintenance
  • Conveyor width of 16 or 24 inch clinched chain
  • Dishes are 24 inches with 6 Blades
  • Spinners twin in series with grease able double bearings
  • Spindle rated 6,000 lb each side
  • Hub – 8 bolt
  • Jack – 7,000 lb
  • Hydraulic valve is an NCI exclusive with an anti-cavitation device, pressure relief valve, and check valve to prevent hooking up to your tractor backwards. Can be used for either an open or closed system. Also has adjustable flow control while under load. This compact valve requires less hydraulic hosing resulting in a sleeker spreader.
  • Drive wheel laminated tire – 4.8 x 8, NCI special design
  • Tires – 11.25 x 28, 12 ply as standard but other options available
  • Wheel centers set at 72″
  • Pictures may show options

Drive Options:

  • Tractor Hydraulics
  • Belt


  • Window
  • Stainless gate jack cover
  • Heavy duty dishes & blades
  • Heavy duty spinner motors
  • LED or stop, tail, turn lights
  • Tarp
  • Various tire options

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