Model 44 Sugar Auger Spreader

After several years of retirement, Newton Crouch Inc is breathing new life into its Sugar Spreader. This fertilizer spreader has the unique capability to be a spreader and auger in one. As with NCI’s other spreader lines, our Sugar Auger Spreader is built with rigorous standards and built to last.

Sugar Auger Features:

  • Capacity – 128 cubic feet, flared body
  • Designed for fertilizer spreading
  • 304 Stainless hull, conveyor, top grate, gate with scale, gate jack and slide
  • Conveyor width of 16 inches
  • Trailer has stainless tubing, reinforced at wide point of V
  • Hull bolted onto trailer for easy removal
  • Take up bearings pull conveyor
  • Hydraulic motors to be torque motors with raised boom pivot for clearance of inspection plates on auger housing
  • Vinyl tarp designed to fit unit with bow designed to run from front to back, storage at front


  • Center auger to be 4 inch diameter, 3/16 double flights – sectional, 5 feet 11 inches overall, 304 stainless, 3 foot right hand, and 3 foot left hand
  • Outer augers to be 4 inch diameter, 3/16 inch flight – sectional, double flights last 2 feet, 7 foot 11 inch overall, 304 stainless, right hand
  • All augers stainless steel
  • Inspection doors for auger, 2 per section
  • Tires are 49 x 19 x 20
  • Twelve thousand pound rated hub, spindle and rim
  • Wheel spacing at 60 inches
  • Straight tongue with adjustable hitch ranging from 17 to 30 inches
  • Thirty-eight inches in height to center line of auger
  • Sprocket driven bed chain
  • Single eye adjustable hitch or clevis
  • Extended trailer to rear


  • Side Application Tube – 4 tubes per machine, for dividing material to fall to side of row. Includes clamps and hose to adapt to standard auger opening
  • High Side – 4 inch or 8 inch, adds additional capacity (certain requirements need to be met to add High Sides)