Anyone in sales will always cringe when they hear the words: “That much! ABC company will sell me the same product for $$$ less!”

The customer needs to make sure he is comparing like products: Chevy to Chevy, not Chevy to Mazarati. Yes, they are both cars, they carry people from point A to point B, but the differences of these 2 products is easy to see. It is not so easy to detect the differences in quality of components and engineering design when looking at spreaders or sprayers.

Americans live in a throw-away society. If our TV or cell phone has problems or quits functioning, it is most certainly easier and cheaper to just buy a new one. NCI builds equipment to last. NCI does not manufacture obsolescence or equipment that will last only a year or two before needing to be replaced. We are not claiming that you will never have to perform maintenance on your equipment or that a component will not need to be replaced. We state proudly is that if you do maintain your equipment per our recommendations that your frame and body will last and last. Pumps, hoses, motors – these things experience wear. Regular cleaning your unit, checking oil and fluid levels, driving at specified speeds, proper nut torque, etc. will keep your unit in working order. Newton Crouch Inc. has manufactured over 15,000 pieces of equipment. We have customers bring in old units and ask to have it re-worked. Usually we can modify the unit and send it back to the field for another decade of productivity.

Here are some actual examples of this claim:

Walters Farm in Barnesville, GA purchased this spray unit in 1977 from Newton Crouch, Sr. The sprayer was brought to NCI Griffin to be reworked in November 2010. It still had original parts including pump. The unit was reworked with new hoses, springs on the booms. The 3rd or 4th Generation of Crouch Family will be ready to work on it in another 33 years!

The satisfied glow from getting the lowest priced product soon fades when poor performance affects your crop. That glowing feeling completely disappears when faced with the fact that your choice now requires replacement or high maintenance expense.

What did the other company say when you called them? At NCI a person answers the phone and directs you to someone who can solve your problem