Conveyor Parts

Newton Crouch has been building the best since 1940. Many of our spreaders last for years without replacement parts, but we know that when you need a replacement part, you need them quick. All of our spreaders come standard with stainless conveyor chains. Our combo fertilizer and lime spreaders have 16” or 24” conveyor chains. If you are looking for our fertilizer only spreader with a 8” chain, see our NC series parts. For a complete list of Newton Crouch parts, see our entire Parts Catalog.

Have the Following Information to Ensure Correct Parts are Ordered:

  • Serial number
  • Width of Conveyor Chain
  • Clinched or Straight Bed Chain
  • Size of Take Up Bearing
  • See Sprocket Assembly Drawing*

Press WHeel Conveyor Parts

  • 16″ or 24″ Chain Conveyors with Press Wheel
RefQty 16”Qty 24”Part No.Description
A11NC-015049U**Jack Shaft, 1¼” x 36”
A11NC-015092AH**Jack Shaft, 1¼” x 40”
A11NC-015092AI**Jack Shaft, 1¼” x 45”
C1 – on all spktsKE-516112Key, 5/16” x 1½”
D133BR-PB114◊PB Bearing, 1¼” on Brackets
D144BR-PB114◊PB Bearing, 1¼” on H-Frame
D11414BN-SSHH122Hex Head Bolt, ½” x 2”, SS
D11414BN-SSHN12Hex Nut, ½”, SS
D11414BN-SSLW12Lock Washer, ½”, SS
D11414BN-SSFW12Flat Washer, ½”, SS
D211NC-015049AZH Frame Assy Narrow
D211NC-015049DAH Frame Assy Universal
D211NC-015054AH Frame Assy Truck w/ Top Link
F10’10’CA-RC60SSRoller Chain, SS, 60, Master & Half Link
H2BR-PB112◊PB Bearing, 1 1/2” on RR Assy
H2BR-PB200◊PB Bearing, 2” on RR Assy
H44BN-SSHH122Hex Head Bolt, ½” x 2”, SS
H44BN-SSHN12Hex Nut, ½”, SS
H44BN-SSLW12Lock Washer, ½”, SS
H44BN-SSFW12Flat Washer, ½”, SS
I or JSee Roller Parts
K22NC-025005QTake Up Screw, 5/8” x 12”
L44BN-SSAHN58Nuts, SS, Acme Thread, ⅝”
M22BR-TU112IMP◊Take Up Bearing, 1½” (match FR)
M22BR-TU100IMP◊Take Up Bearing, 1” (match FR)
N1CA-CBCW16Conveyor Chain, 16” Clinched
N1CA-BCW16Conveyor Chain, 16” Straight
N1CA-CBCW24Conveyor Chain, 24” Clinched
N1CA-BC24Conveyor Chain, 24” Straight
N1CA-BCHD24Conveyor Chain, HD 24″ Straight,Reinforced
1CA-SP16Splice Pin, 16”
1CA-SP24Splice Pin, 24”
O11NC-015104GDrive Wheel Assy, Single Paddle, Pull Type, 4.8 x 8
O11HA-101300Bolts for Drive Wheel, Steel Wheel
O11WT-ASSY5X8X15LAMOLaminated Tire, Pull Type, 4.8 x 8
O55HA-101325Bolts for Laminated Air-filled Tire, 1 1/4″
O11WT-ASSY480X8BAir Tire, Rubber Filled, Pull Type, 4.8 x 8
O11WT-ASSY205X8X1000Air Tire, Truck, 20.5 x 8
P11NC-015049AVDrive Wheel Shaft, 1¼” x 20”
P11NC-015092AGDrive Wheel Shaft, 1¼” x 24”
P11NC-015092BKDrive Wheel Shaft, 1¼” x 27”
Q11CN-015049AYDrive Wheel Hub, 1¼”
Q11NC-015092BHClutch for Drive Wheel, Truck

Controller Conveyor Parts

  • 16″ or 24″ Chain Conveyor with Controller
RefQty 16”Qty 24”Part No.Description
1111HM-RE10Hydraulic Motor, Parker, RE 10
HM-RE10EHydraulic Motor, Eaton, RE 10
1111HM-RE14Hydraulic Motor, Parker, RE14
HM-RE14EHydraulic Motor, Eaton, RE14
1111HM-RE18Hydraulic Motor, Parker, RE18
HM-RE18EHydraulic Motor, Eaton, RE18
1111HM-RE24Hydraulic Motor, Parker, RE24
HM-RE24EHydraulic Motor, Eaton, RE24
11B1GB-301095SGear Box, 1½” LH, No Sensor
11C11GB-301075SGear Box, 2” LH, No Sensor
11D◊11GB-301098SGear Box, 1½” LH, Sensor ◊
11E◊11GB-301091SGear Box, 2” LH, Sensor ◊
11F11BN-AHSH5161Allen Head Screw, 5/16” x 1” (2” Shaft)
2322HH-848FSO1210Fitting, Hydraulic, ¾ JIC x ⅝” O Ring
44A1CA-BCW16Conveyor Chain, 16″ Straight
44A1CA-CBCW16Conveyor Chain, 16″ Clinched
44B1CA-BC24 Conveyor Chain, 24″ Straight
44B1CA-BCHD24Conveyor Chain, HD 24″ Straight, Reinforced
44B1CA-CBCW24Conveyor Chain, 24″ Clinched
47A21BR-PB112**Pillow Block Bearing, 1½”
47B22BR-PB200**Pillow Block Bearing 2”
47B22BR-PB200HDHeavy Duty Pillow Block Bearing, 2″
48 and 49See Roller Parts Parts
5022NC-025005QTake Up Screw, ⅝” x 12”
50A22BN-SSAHN58Take Up Screw Nut, ⅝”
51A22BR-TU112IMP**Take Up Bearing, 1½”
51B22BR-TU100IMP**Take Up Bearing, 1”
52A44BN-SSHH122Hex Head Bolt, ½” x 2”
52B44BN-SSHN12Hex Nut, ½”
52C1616BN-SSFW12Flat Washer, ½”
53A11NC-015005DNPRear Roller Adapter, 2” LH Slot Sensor
53B11NC-015005DVPRear Roller Adapter, 1½” LH Slot Sensor
54A11RA-0630171443Raven Slot Sensor, 25’ Cable, NC Std
11MD-1200009Dickey John 360 Slot Senor, 25’ Cable
1MD-1200009A360 Slot Sensor Adapter Cable
54R◊11MD-1605004KITMidTech Rate Senor & Cable
Ref No. 54R◊
Kit IncludesMD-4505114Sensor Cable
MD-1605000Rate Sensor
MD-5005007MT Rate Sensor U-Cup Seal
MD-6010000Clamp, Loop, 304 SST
55A11TP-HB038Hose Barb, 3/8″
55B11CL-0600Clamp, 3/8″ Stainless Steel
55C11HO-CT38BPVCHose, 3 Feet Needed