IN-House Poultry Equipment

Newton Crouch offers a variety of poultry farming equipment for in-houses application. From litter/shaving spreaders to litter amendment applicators to pest control, Newton Crouch’s full line of spreaders and sprayers to keep your flock in optimal health.

Model 47 Pull Type Poultry Litter Amendment

Our Poultry Litter Amendment Spreader is designed for spreading litter amendment inside poultry houses to improve chicken health. This litter amendment helps maintain air quality to prevent ammonia buildup that can harm feet, breasts, and eyes of poultry. Our poultry equipment is specifically designed with a low profile and self contained hydraulics to easily fit within poultry houses and can be pulled with any truck or farm implement.

Model 54 Chassis Mounted Poultry Litter Admendment

Model 56 Acid Alum in-House Sprayer

Model 43 Boric Acid drop spreader

Application of Boric Acid in swaths along the floor of poultry houses is a quick, cost-effective means of managing Darkling Beetles.  Boric Acid has a triple mode of action as a neurotoxin, stomach poison and desiccant which makes it difficult for an insect population to become resistant.  In addition, Boric Acid has the longest residual activity of any insecticide used for crawling insect management and is very safe to use around poultry.

Self Contained

Our Poultry Litter Amendment Spreaders come with a self contained hydraulic system which allows operators to pull this spreader without additional hydraulics from a tractor. Attach to your truck or any other implement for easy use.

Tire Wash System

Quickly clean tires between houses to ensure house safety.

Scales System

Many Litter Amendment Treatment Spreaders companies require scale to measure product before and after spreading to ensure that accuate rates have been applied. Our scale system accurately measure product and easy to use.

Poultry litter amendent or poultry litter treatement, PLT®, is a chemical applied in poultry house to change pH within poultry houses. Newton Crouch’s PLT® spreader was created for Jones-Hamilton PLT® and has been used in houses for over a decade. PLT® is a mineral-based acidifier that lowers litter pH and eliminates ammonia for improved air quality in poultry house. The Litter Amendment Spreader can be manufacturered as a PLT pull type spreader or PLT® truck spreader.

Acid Alum Sprayer can efficiently and safely spray high rates of acid alum in houses to help reduce the amonium levels and increase nitrogen. The Newton Crouch Acid Alum Poultry House Sprayer comes with DOT rated high capacity tanks and heavy duty boomless nozzles.

The Newton Crouch litter spreader can easily spread litter as well as woodshavings, sludge and sand. Common poultry bedding materials include wood shavings, sawdust, peanut hulls, shredded sugar cane, straw, and other dry, absorbent, low-cost organic materials can be spread with our pull type shaving spreader. Learn more about Newton Crouch Litter and Shavings Spreaders.

Boric Acid is commonly used to control darkling beetles in poultry houses. Darkling beetles can spread disease within the house and cost the grower in thousands. Our Boric Acid Spreader is small profile, ground driven drop spreader with a high and low application rate and can be pulled by an ATV. See our YouTube video about our Boric Acid Spreader.

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