Orchard & Vineyard Spreaders

Newton Crouch understands the intricacies of orchard and vineyard management. Our spreaders are meticulously engineered to provide the ideal spreading performance for these delicate crops. With customizable features, advanced technology, and adjustable rates, our spreaders enable you to achieve superior crop health and maximize your yields.

Model 46 Orchard & Vineyard Spreader

Model 41 Grove Spreader

Slimline Turbo-Mist Sprayer

Blueberry SProckets

Change your rates easily with our half, third, or fourth rate sprocket kits on drive wheel spreaders.

Spreader with Diverter

Diverter with flaps

Get your product exactly where you need it with an optional diverter.

Narrow Hopper

The orchard, vineyard, and grove spreaders have narrow hoppers and are low profile.

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