Applicators and Sprayers

Discover the power of precision spraying with Newton Crouch’s liquid sprayers and applicators. Whether you’re spraying fertilizers, herbicides, or other liquid solutions, our sprayers deliver consistent and uniform coverage. With advanced features such as adjustable spray patterns, VisaGage monitors, reliable pumps, and durable construction, Newton Crouch liquid applicators are the go-to choice for professionals who demand superior performance. Trust our expertise and experience the difference that our liquid applicators and sprayers can make in your operations.

Pull Type Liquid Nitrogen Applicator

Pull Type Broadcast Sprayer

Pull Type Boomless Sprayer

Pull Type Low Profile Sprayer

Chassis Mounted Fertilizer Applicator

Monitor Flow from Your Tractor

John Blue VisaGage II Flow Monitors are an easy, cost-effective option that gives you peace of mind that your flow rates are accurate.

Quick Fill Coupler

Fill up your sprayer quickly in the field with our Quick Fill option.

Boomless Nozzles

Add boomless nozzles to the your pull type for increased swath.