Elliptical Tank

Designed for larger volume applicator needs, the Norwesco elliptical tanks feature a low profile design and a low center of gravity for excellent visibility in the field and increased stability when towed. A deep sump permits complete drainage and the tanks feature an 8″ or 16″ fill-opening.

Elliptical Tank

Gallon CapacityWidthOverall Height Including SumpLengthSump DepthFill OpeningOutlet/Drain SpecificationPremium Weight Part No. WhiteAvail
20040″30″66″3/4″8″-(63480)1-1/4″-(60403) & 1-1/4″-(63065)41252C,D,F,I,L,T
30048″36″70″3″16″-(63485)1-1/4″-(60403) & 1-1/4″-(63065)40327B,C,D,F,I,L,T
300**48″33″70″1 3/4″16″-(63485)

1-1/4″-(60403) & 1-1/4″-(63065)

300***48″33″70″1 3/4″16″-(63485)1-1/4″-(60403) & 1-1/4″-(63065)45746I,X
50057″44″82″2″  16″-(63485)1-1/4″-(60403) & 1-1/4″-(63065)40328B,C,D,F,L,T
500**57″39″82″1 3/4″16″-(63485)1-1/4″-(60403) & 1-1/4″-(63065)45742I,X
500***57″39″82″1 3/4″16″-(63485)1-1/4″-(60403) & 1-1/4″-(63065)45750I,X
1600*78″54″138″2 1/2″16″-(63485)2″-(60405)47972B,C
Baffle for 1600 elliptical tank 45410 
*Includes poly baffle.
**Offset manway
***Offset octagonal manway

Elliptical Skid

Tank Size (Gallon)Tank Part No.ABCDEFPart No.
200412524″24″52″57″2″ x 68″8″63015
300403274″34″46-1/4″54-1/4″2″ x 76″8″63016
500403284″34″60″68″2″ x 94″8″63018
750403294″38″69-1/2″78″2″ x 112″8″60371
1000403304″46″60″72″2″ x 130″8″60372

Norweco’s plastic storage tank is constructed with rotationally molded polyethylene resin. It’s seamless construction makes it durable and resistant to cracks, chips, and ruptures. The poly tank was made with FDA approved resin that complies with FDA standards 21 CFR 177.1520 (1) 3.1 and 3.2 for use in food grade storage. It’s made with UV inhibitors that help protect liquid contents from direct sunlight for both indoor and outdoor use. Please verify chemical compatibility before placing your order.

Norwesco backs their polyethylene storage tank with a 3-year manufacturer warranty. Additional fittings and customization options are available.