Stainless Steel Vertical Tanks

Newton Crouch is proud to partner with Novid to offer high-quality, long lasting stainless tanks to customers in the Southeastern United States. Novid offers liquid and dry storage solutions for every size operation and strives to provide customers with the best product for their storage needs. From flat-bottom tanks to dry hoppers, Novid’s manufactures durable and economical products that customers can trust.

Novid’s liquid storage tanks are professionally designed for the safe storage of most Ag liquids including potable water, liquid fertilizers, and chemicals while being virtually maintenance-free. Through the use of corrosive resistant stainless steel, their tanks are designed with longevity and environmental responsibility in mind. Stainless steel eliminates the need for repairs or paint touch-ups and has the potential to last indefinitely.

Stainless Cone Bottom Chemical Tanks

Exceptional Products

“We went with stainless and never went back…It’s a very high quality product. Novid’s engineering is exceptional and they stand behind their products.”

Dylan Luckwell, Novid Customer

Quality Construction

There is no room for compromise with Novid chemical tanks. Novid is CWB Division 2 certified, and understands the importance of using correct welding procedures and processes in order to deliver the best product. All Novid welders are trained and certified to weld stainless steel.

Economical Solution

Using only corrosive resistant 304 or 316 stainless steel which ensures longevity, Novid strives to meet and exceed their customer’s changing needs, while always being mindful of each projects budget.

Novid is a family owned, customer focused organization that offers products for every size operation, ranging from larger agricultural retailers to your average family farms. Through a continued focus on research, Novid not only focuses on providing customers with the best products on the market today but innovating to develop most advanced, durable and economical products available. Their products range in a variety of sizes and their goal is to assist customers in finding the most economical choice for their operation.

Novid’s flat bottom tanks for liquid storage are professionally designed for the safe storage of most ag liquids including potable water, liquid fertilizers, and chemicals and come with a 10 year warranty. Additionally, Novid offers a variety of Cone Bottom Tanks for quick and total drainage.  Constructed from corrosion-resistant 304 or 316 Stainless Steel, Novid’s Tanks are ideal for a broad range of product storage needs.

Why Stainless Steel Tanks?

Longevity: Stainless tanks withstand the corrosive properties of fertilizer and last decades while poly tanks have an average lifespan of three to five years. Novid has customer using 30-year old tanks that look as good as the day they bought them.

Less Maintenance: Little to no maintenance is required of stainless. Yearly inspection will reveal no rust and little clean out needed.

Cleaner Product: Liquid fertilizer stored in stainless does not have rust debris contamination and cleanly flows through strainers and filters.

Increased ROI: Novid stainless tanks will last indefinitely while the average life span of a mild steel tank storing liquid fertilizer is seven years and a poly tanks is three to five years. The upfront cost of a stainless tank is more but amortize that cost over a 30-year period, stainless storage is the less expensive option.

Take Advantage of Fertilizer Price Drops: With high capacity storage, growers and co-ops can take advantage of fluctuating fertilizer cost and purchase when the time is right for their operation.

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