Row Crop Series

Since our inception, Newton Crouch has been perfecting our pull type spreaders. Our engineers have listened to customers and watched trends within the industry to develop a Row Crop Spreader that is built tough and can be tailor made for a broad range of crops. Whether you need to spoon-feed nitrogen, sow cover crop, or spread lime, the Row Crop Series provides combo units that cover a variety of spreading needs within one buggy.

Model 49 Medium Clearance Row Crop

Model 40 High Clearance Row Crop

Spread with the best

Optimal crop coverage is dependent on a consistent and accurate spread pattern. With our unwavering commitment to precision and quality, you can trust our spreaders to deliver the results you need.

Variety of Wheel Centers

Our Medium Clearance Row Crop comes in a variety of fixed wheel centers or reversible wheel while our High Clearance Spreader comes standard with adjustable axles.

Easily Change Sprocket Ratios

For our press wheel models, we offer half, third, and fourth rate sprocket options. Share your desired rate with our sales team and they can tailor your fertilizer spreader rate chart to your needs.


Compare Our Spreaders:

Medium Clearance Model 49High Clearance Model 40
Hopper Size10’ x 90” / 5-Tons (172ft3)

10’ x 102” / 6-Tons (198ft3)
12’ x 102” / 8-Tons (242 ft3)
Hopper MaterialStainlessStainless
Spinner DriveTractor Hydraulics (Standard)Tractor Hydraulics (Standard)
DeliveryPress Wheel, All Hydraulic with Controller for Straight or Variable Rate, Gear Box, Belt DriveAll Hydraulic with Controller for Straight or Variable Rate
Trailer2”x 6” Tube4” x 6” Tube
AxleFixed Axles Adjustable Axles
TiresStandard: 11.25; Turf 18.4, Tractor Tires 380Tractor Tires: 380R or 480R
Wheel Centers72″; 60″ to 72″ Reversible; 74″; 76″; 78″, 80″Adjustable from 72″ to 120″
HitchStandard: Swivel Optional: Spring Swivel, Category 3 Clevis/PintelCategory 4 Clevis/Pintel
TarpOptional: Fitted or Side to Side with End CapOptional: Fitted or Side to Side with End Cap

fertilizer Lime Spreader

Newton Crouch pull type spreaders are manufactured to be the ideal combo spreader and can easily handle spreading fertilizer, lime, cover crop, seed, and potash. Please share with your sales representative the material and density you wish to spread and they will ensure you get the best features for your application needs. Our 24″ stainless steel conveyor is the widest on the market and ensures that lime will not bridge while in the field. Additionally, we offer an inverted vee in standard in our High Clearance Spreader, Model 40, and as an option in our Medium Clearance Spreader, Model 49, to keep product clumping to a minimum.

Investing in a spreader is an investment in the future of your farming operation. We want your Newton Crouch Spreader to have the features that will benefit you most and that’s why we offer a wide variety of options on our Medium Clearance Spreaders. Whether you want a ground drive spreader or variable rate spreader or ISO ready spreader, Newton Crouch can tailor build the right model for you. All our fertilizer and lime spreaders are built with the highest quality materials ensuring durability and longevity in even the most demanding conditions. Our spreaders are designed to withstand the test of time, requiring minimal maintenance and delivering years of reliable service. When you choose a Newton Crouch Spreader know that you will be spreading with the best.