Spray PArts

When it comes to optimizing crop yield, promoting plant health, and maximizing profitability, spray tips play a pivotal role. These precision-engineered components are designed for specific applications, making it essential to choose the ones best suited for your operations. At Newton Crouch, we understand the importance of selecting the right spray tip, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

TeeJet Tip Selector Guide

Let the Pros at TeeJet help you find the best tip for you application. By utilizing TeeJet’s Spray Tip selection guide, you can make informed decisions and ensure that your spraying operations are efficient, effective, and tailored to your unique requirements. You can use their app on your computer or mobile device.

TeeJet Catalog 52 – New for 2023

Need spray nozzles, boom components, or spray hand guns? Find it in TeeJet’s Newest Catalog. All Newton Crouch locations stock TeeJet parts and can help you find the best spray components for your application. Download TeeJet’s Catalog.

Spraying with Boomless Nozzles

Boomless nozzles can be used for any application where a horizontal boom is impractical and are especially helpful in vegetation management. Boomless nozzles create a wide spray pattern laterally in one or two directions. Newton Crouch carries a variety of boomless nozzles including: Boom Buster, Boom X Tender, and Turbo FloodJet.

Resources to find spray components:

TeeJet Technologies Catalog 52A
TeeJet’s Spray Technology User Guide
Hypro Boom X Tender
Hypro Catalog
Boom Buster Nozzle Guide

At Newton Crouch, we’re committed to providing you with the highest quality spray tips and supporting tools to help you achieve optimal results. Trust our expertise and precision-engineered solutions to elevate your spraying operations, boost crop yield, and drive your profitability. Newton Crouch offers a full line of TeeJet Technology Spray Nozzles and Accessories, BoomBuster Nozzles, and Hypro Spray Nozzles. Call our parts department today to let them assist you in getting the best solution for you.