NC Series

Introducing The NC Series: a range of fertilizer spreaders meticulously crafted to cater to operations of all sizes – from small turf fields to vineyards to large acreage farms. Engineered to withstand the test of time, the NC Series pull behind buggies stand out with more 304 stainless steel, ensuring our customers get years of dependable service, minimal maintenance, and unmatched customer satisfaction. Join the ranks of growers who have discovered a new level of spreading excellence with Newton Crouch.

Model 48 Single Axle Spreaders

Model 48 Tandem Axle Spreaders

Spreading Growth with Newton Crouch

We recognize that every operation is unique, which is why Newton Crouch offers the flexibility to tailor your equipment precisely to your needs. By selecting the ideal capacities, wheel centers, and features, you can have the confidence that your spreader will be a valuable asset for your operation, providing lasting value and efficiency for years ahead.

Accurate and Consistent Spread Pattern

At Newton Crouch, we understand the importance of a consistent and accurate spread pattern for optimal crop coverage. That’s why we conduct rigorous spread pattern testing on all our models to ensure superior performance. With our commitment to precision and quality, you can trust that our spreaders deliver the results you need.

Bolt-On Hopper

Experience convenience and durability with our user-friendly bolt-on hopper design. We know the importance of easy trailer maintenance, which is why our tandem spreaders come standard with this innovative feature. To ensure long-lasting performance, we’ve incorporated 304 stainless steel covers on the cross members of the trailer, providing an added layer of protection against corrosion. Our quality construction ensures your spreader is in top shape, year after year.

Six Models. One Purpose

Compare Our Spreaders:

Hopper Capacity (Struck)50 ft.374 ft.392 ft.3163 ft.3204 ft.3255 ft.3
Hopper Capacity (Heaped)55 ft.379 ft.3179 ft.3224 ft.3280 ft.3
Weight (Empty)1,510 lbs.1,655 lbs.1,655 lbs.2,310 lbs.3,560 lbs.3,710 lbs.
Length166 in.166 in.166 in.188 in.221 in.221 in.
Height (Ground to Top)62 in.68 in.74 in.86 in.88 in.103 in.
Hopper Width60 in.72 in.72 in.92 in.92 in.92 in.
Hopper Length72 in.71 in.72 in.96 in.120 in.120 in.
Wheel Centers62 in.77 in.77 in.77 in.80.5 in.83.25 in.
Wheel Centers, OptionsN/AN/AN/A61.5 or 72 in.61.5 or 72 in.N/A
Tires, Standard11L x 15, 8 ply11L x 15, 8 ply12.5L x 15, 8 ply11L x 15, 8 ply16.5 x 16.1, 10 ply19L x 16.1, 10 ply
Tires, Optional12.5L x 15, 8 ply 12.5L x 15, 8 ply12.5L x 15, 8 ply19L x 16.1, 10 ply11R/22.5
Bolt on Hull to TrailerN/AN/AN/AStandardStandardStandard