Dry Technical Tips

Whether you need routine maintenance, repairs, or technical assistance, we have you covered. In addition to a parts location, Newton Crouch Albany is equipped as a service center to keep your equipment in optimal working conditions. Our skilled technicians are dedicated to delivering timely and reliable service, ensuring minimal downtime.

Adjustable Axles allow the same spreader to be used in fields with various row widths.  Our Model 40 High Clearance Row Crop with Adjustable Axles can have wheel centers spacings of 72″, 76″, 80″, 92″, and 120″ to accommodate multiple row widths.

Conveyor Chain Types

Three types of conveyor bed chain are commonly used on Newton Crouch fertilizer / lime and fertilizer spreaders: Straight, Clinched, or Heavy Duty Reinforced.

  • Determine spreader width and chain type here.
  • All bed chain use the same style splice pin, but in different lengths which is determined by chain width.

Adjusting Conveyor Chain

The conveyor chain on a pull type or truck mounted spreader will need to be adjusted from time to time. It is adjusted by moving the front roller. Step-by-step explanation of the adjustment process.

Replacing Conveyor Chain

Replacing your conveyor chain is sometimes necessary for the optimum performance of your spreader. First, determine type and length of required chain. When ordering chain, have your serial number ready when calling the Newton Crouch’s parts department.

Bed chain is heavy and time consuming to install.  Our production team has some tricks and tips on this process.

Troubleshooting Conveyor Chain

If your spreader is loaded with product and the bed chain won’t turn on, our Newton Crouch techs suggest steps to fix this problem.


Newton Crouch spreaders have a chute designed to guide product to the spinners while dividing product equally to the right and left spinners.  Adjusting the chute will change the spread pattern.

Newton Crouch equipment has a chute scale on the right side of spreader. Additionally, the chute setting decal can guide operators on correct settings for desired rates.

Learn how to adjust the spreader chute.


The spreader gate is in the back panel of the hopper and controls how much material exits out of the hopper on the bed then falls onto the spinner dishes. It is important to have the correct setting in order to get the proper pounds per acre.


Spreaders with ground drive have a gear box turns your spinner dishes. The gear box assembly is a series of 4 boxes total: 3 boxes in the 215 Assembly and 1 box in the 413 Assembly .

This photo shows how the boxes are assembled together. Each box may be serviced individually.

Many operators use dry spreaders to broadcast spread grains.

To spread grain with your fertilizer / lime spreader:

  • Know the bulk density pounds per cubic foot of grain.
  • If bulk density is unknown, take the weight in pounds per bushel and multiply by .8 to get the pounds per cubic foot.
  • Use your rate chart to determine the correct rate to spread the density required for that grain.

Trailer frame without Herculiner protection

A great add on feature of Newton Crouch spreaders is Herculiner which acts as an additional barrier against fertilizer corrosion. Herculiner is a tough, non-slip coating that is applied to the trailer frame where the hopper attaches to the trailer.

Even with Herculiner, we recommend brushing off then washing your spreader.  Fertilizer left in the unit or on the frame will cause corrosion.  Proper cleaning can potentially add years of use to your buggy.

Trailer frame with Herculiner protection


Your vehicle and your unit will determine what type of hitch you need.

Newton Crouch offers 4 types of hitches for equipment:

  • Standard
  • Clevis / Pintle
  • Spring
  • Actuator

Learn more about our hitches here. For replacement parts for hitches and trailers, please use our Newton Crouch Catalog.

If you have a spreader with hydraulics, maintaining and working on your hydraulics keeps you going.

Single Pump Spreader Truck

If your truck spreader spinners suddenly slow or stop, you need to read this information.

Tandem Pump Spreader Truck

Permco Hydraulic Pump

Order replacement  pump for your hydraulic system

Newton Crouch has an extensive video library full of sales or technical information. If you have a suggestion for a new topic, send us a message.

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