Beat the Spring Rush

Many of you are starting to put the growing season of 2017 to rest so its time to look ahead to how to make 2018 an even better year.  Newton Crouch Inc would gladly discuss new spreading innovations and guidance technologies with you to help you better know what it available.  Also by shopping early you avoid the dreaded spring rush – especially if you want a custom piece of equipment.  We do our best to make up trailers, hulls, and have tires on the yard so that we don’t have a big lead time for our customers but as the spring moves forward, so does our lead time.

We have sales representatives throughout the southeast and dealers across the US to help you find the best equipment for you.  Please visit our webpage to find a sales representative in your area: or a dealer:

We look forward to hearing from you!!

Also there are some tax advantages to ordering equipment before the end of the year.  Please discuss these with you tax advisor as they could help save you some money.