Why is Newton Crouch Inc the Spreader of Choice?

Our engineers are dedicated to designing innovated spreaders with easy to use features and durable construction. Also, Newton Crouch spreaders are built to last.

Features that save you money:

  • Hull bolted on to trailer which allows for easier maintenance of trailer and hull
  • Trailer manufactured of tubing. Unlike channel frames, tubing frames reduce crevices and ledges where material can sit and corrode the paint and steel.
  • Trailer is powder coated
  • Trailer supports full length of spreader body. Many of our competitor’s trailers support partially support the length of the spreader body
  • Spreader wheels have solid welds
  • Hopper capacity of NCI 9 foot is 172 cu.ft and 10 foot is 192 cu.ft.
  • Window in front panel of spreader allows operator to easily see hopper load while in tractor.
  • No bridging when spreading gypsum and lime with our 24 inch conveyor. Widest conveyor in the industry!
  • Heavy duty dishes and blades available as option. These thicker dishes and blades last longer and lessen your maintenance cost.
  • Dual spinner motors mounted underneath. Motors have double bearings, triple sealed against contamination, and are grease able. Spinner motor shafts create more torque with increased pressure.
  • Truck spreaders have large oil tanks with internal filter and large return filters.
  • Belt over chain available as option. Special design for triblock lime.

Newton Crouch support is unsurpassed. Our knowledgeable staff strives to ensure you understand your spreader. Our on site support and technical tips online are priceless.