Spreader Tie Downs

Pull Type Tie Downs

Newton Crouch pull type spreaders offer the unique feature of bolted tie downs for attaching the hopper to the trailer frame.   This allows easy maintenance of the trailer however, we recommend replacing nuts and bolts yearly. This bolt style is used on the following spreaders: Medium Clearance Row Crop (Model 49); High Clearance Row Crop (Model 40); Single Axle Economy (Model 57); Tandem Axle Spreaders (Model 47)

RefQtyPart NumberDescription
A4NC-025049BGStainless Tie Down Bracket, Top
B4BN-HH34412G8Grade 8 Bolt, 0.75″ x 4.5″
C4NC-015049BGMild Steel Tire Down Bracket, Bottom
D8BN-HN34Nut, 0.75″

Chassis Mounted Tie Down