Model 64 Golf Course Sprayer

Get your greens ready for the perfect day of golf with the Newton Crouch Golf Course Sprayer. We can customize to fit the needs of your course, just call a Newton Crouch rep to get the converstation started.


  • Tank: Variety of sizes, stainless, poly, or fiberglass
  • Pumps: Metering, defco, Scot, Hypro, CDS-JohnBlue
  • Agitation: By-pass sparger tube PTO or hydraulic centrifugal pump
  • Controls: Ground wheel drive, TeeJet, Raven, defco dial valve or Dickey John


  • Manual or hydraulic
  • Stainless or carbon steel, tripod type structure with spring-loaded shocks
  • Lengths up to 60’ swath
  • Nozzles: dribble, flood, or spray


  • Foam marker
  • Chemical inductor
  • Rinse system