Model 64 Chassis Mounted Liquid Nitrogen Applicator


  • Fiberglass or Stainless Steel with Skid Mounted on Acceptable Truck


  • Variety of lengths available
  • Manual or Hydraulic fold
  • Nozzles – Pipe Caps –two on corners
  • Dribble Boom on rear width of the truck – PVC PIPE
  • Fence Row Nozzle on End of Boom


  • CDS-JohnBlue pumps with metering capability are ideal for liquid fertilizer application. Many pump options to choose from. Call NCI to help choose the correct pump for your application


  • Skid – 4 inch
  • Parts, hose, valves to bring water from pump to rear of unit.
  • Quick Fill Air Gap – Mounted at the rear 2” line to top
  • Hose Reel, Electric

Specifications subject to change. Customer To Supply Chassis That Meets Installation Specifications

This video highlights the booms of the sprayer.

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