Model 62 Admire Sprayer

Our Admire sprayer keeps count of the number of applications and helps you give your plants the exact amount of product each time. Newton Crouch engineers continue to design equipment to make your operation easier and more profitable. Call 877-605-0273 to speak with a representative who can explain the advantages to you.


  • Tank – 35 Gallon Poly with 3 Year Warranty
  • Pumps – Twin Shur-Flo 3.0 GPM Open Flow, Mounted with Liquid Side Down for Easy Maintenance
  • Jet Agitation
  • Frame – Stainless Steel
  • Low Profile for Stability
  • Simplified Plumbing for Easy Use
  • 8 Ft Battery Power Connection Cable w/Gator Clips
  • Hose – 20 Feet
  • Handgun – TeeJet Spray Gun AA30-114
  • “Digital Counter” for Keeping Track of Total Number of Applications
  • Adjustable Timer Applies the EXACT Dose Every Time You Pull the Trigger

Tree with Greening Disease

Dosing Sprayer
Mounted on a Trailer

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