Newton Crouch Inc prides itself on giving the customer the best equipment to suit thier needs. Our water trucks are custom built to ensure that it is perfect for your application. NCI offers a variety of skids, tanks, pumps, and option. Below you will find our most commonly ordered specifications. If you require a size or specification that is not listed, please call us and we will be glad to help.

Several Different Tank Sizes:

  • 1025 Gallon Poly Tank, White
  • 1635 Gallon Poly Tank, White
  • 2035 Gallon Poly Tank, White
  • 2635 Gallon Poly Tank, White
  • 3135 Gallon Poly Tank, White
  • 4035 Gallon Poly Tank, White

Skid Mounted:

  • 1025 4” Channel Skid
  • 1635 4” Channel Skid
  • 2035 6” Channel Skid
  • 2635 6” Channel Skid
  • 3135 6” Channel Skid
  • 4035 8” Channel Skid

Red In Color or specify; Choose if Application requires a skid mounted unit. Skid is not a Solid Floor Construction, Fork Lift Holes in Front of Skid

Many Pump Options to Choose from:

  • 5.5 Hp Briggs Intek, 2” Poly Pump with 140 GPM Maximum Output
  • 5.5 Hp Briggs Intek, 2” Cast Pump with 140 GPM Maximum Output
  • 5.5 HP Honda, 2” Cast Pump, SP with 170 GPM Maximum Output
  • 8.0 HP Honda ES, 3” Cast Pump, SP with 330 GPM Maximum Output
  • 16 HP Vanguard ES, 3” Cast Pump with 515 GPM Maximum Output
  • Berkeley Shaft Driven Pump Kit with 750 GPM Maximum Output (Must have PTO)
  • Berkeley Hydraulic Pump Kit with 750 GPM Maximum Output; Includes Oil Tank and Relief, Hydraulic Motor, Hydraulic Adapter for Berkeley, Mounting Brackets, Hoses and Fittings

Must Purchase PTO and Hyd Pump to Match Truck & Pump Specifications Estimate with Mounting and Hoses.

  • Customer to Supply:
    • Max Truck RPM’s
    • Max Operating RPM’s
    • Desired MPH while using equipment

Nozzle Choices:

  • Boom Buster Nozzles 375 or 475
  • UTE Air, Dust Control Nozzle
  • Pipe Cap Nozzles
  • Vent In Top of Tank
  • Quick Fill w/ Air Gap
  • Hose Reel 100’ 1” Hose Electric