Model 40 – High Clearance Adjustable Axle (HCAAT) Fertilizer and Lime Spreader

Newton Crouch Inc’s newest innovation gives our applicators the flexibility of adjustable row width as well as high clearance. Our newest model has high ground clearance of 42 inches to allow you to spread later into the growing season. NCI pull type spreaders are the industry leading applicators for fertilizer and lime. We have been building spreaders since the 1960s and would welcome the opportunity to serve you. Our spreaders are custom built for a broad range of crops, designed for easier set up, and will last you for many growing seasons to come.

NCI spreaders have a wide variety of options. Customize your spreader to your requirements – not a one size fits all – by speaking with our knowledgeable representatives who can advise you on components to get the best equipment for your use. Call 800-241-1350 toll free


    • Capacity – 242 cubic feet – maximum load 8 tons
    • Bumper at 42″ – high clearance
    • All hydraulic drive system
    • Tractor hydraulic five hose system – open/closed.
    • Requires minimum of 24 gpm, (dual remote) hydraulic

drive for conveyor and hydraulic dual spinners

    • Designed for various controllers
    • Hull – 12’ x 102″; 304 stainless steel floor
    • Bolted to trailer
    • Herculiner
    • Conveyor Chain – 24″ stainless; outside reinforced

chain, heavy duty

    • Heavy duty spinner motors, 1¼” shaft with case

drain; greasable; for extended range dishes

  • Frame – 4 in x 6 in tubing, 3/8″
  • Drawbar Height Set at 20″ to 24″, adjustable
  • Adjustable Axles 72″ to 120″ wheel centers see the YouTube Video Model 40 Wheel Center Adjustment
  • Spindle – 12,000 pound rated stress proof steel
  • Hub – 10 bolt
  • Tires – 380 x 90 X 46R, rated at 11,000 pounds
  • Jack – 12,000 pounds, inside mount
  • Stainless Steel Gate Jack
  • Hitch – Category 4 clevis/pintel combination

Drive Options:

  • Variable Rate
  • All Hydraulic


  • Window
  • Heavy duty dishes & blades
  • Heavy duty spinner motors
  • LED or stop, tail, turn lights
  • Tarp
  • Various tire options
  • Herculiner

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Find out more about the Model 40 from our YouTube Video

Learn More

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