Model 31 Litter Pull Type Spreader

Newton Crouch litter spreaders are built with heavier parts than like models of our competitors. Our bigger capacity and heavy-duty construction will make a positive difference in the performance of your litter spreader for many years to come.


  • Capacities of 14 to 20 feet
  • Designed to spread litter, biobased products, and OMRI fertilizer approved by the federal CPG
  • Trailer and carbon steel hull are painted blue
  • Trailer frame is 7 inch channel
  • Conveyor chain 667X 3/8 inch with 1 ¼ inch slats
  • Twin spinners in series
  • 33 inch gate opening allows for less bridging and easier cleanout
  • Tractor Hydraulics Four Hose System with Case Drain
  • Hydraulic Valve – NCI Exclusive with Anti-Cavitation Device, Pressure Relief Valve, and Check Valve to Prevent Hooking up Backwards, Open/Closed System Selection and Adjustable Flow Control While Under Load. Requires 28 GPM
  • Quick Coupling Ends
  • Single or Dual Drive
  • Oil Tank – 40 Gallon
  • Tires are 19L x 16.1
  • Hubs – 8 bolt
  • Torsion axles
  • Options for Heavier Units Available

Learn More

See a YouTube Video showing the specs and features of this equipment.

Now we have a video of this spreader in action. See compost spread in an orange grove.