Model 54 Truck Spreader

Newton Crouch Inc’s truck mounted spreaders are the industry leading applicators for fertilizer and lime. Our spreaders are available on standard, semi-float, or full float trucks.

NCI spreaders have a wide variety of options. Customize your spreader to your requirements – not a one size fits all – by speaking with our knowledgeable representatives who can advise you on components to get the best equipment for your use. Call 800-241-1350 toll free


  • Body lengths from 8 to 15 feet
  • Body widths 90 to 120 inches
  • Fertilizer, lime, salt, and dry litter
  • Most uniform spread pattern in the industry
  • Various drive options available:
  • All hydraulic 2 speed electric
  • Controller driven, single or variable rate with TeeJet, Raven or Dickey John
  • Drive wheel
  • 304 Stainless hull, dishes, blades, conveyor
  • Spinners in series
  • Dual 24 inches spinners with 6 blades
  • Conveyor – 16 or 24 inch, stainless, clinched chain
  • Oil Tank with site gauge
  • Full length stainless tube
  • Stainless gate jack
  • Large filters
  • Pictures may show options that are not standard


  • Parallel hydraulics
  • Stainless steel oil tank
  • Extended range spread pattern
  • Various conveyor widths
  • Belt over chain
  • 3 tons of lime
  • Heavy duty dishes & blades
  • Heavy duty spinner motors
  • LED lights
  • Window
  • Tarp
  • Baffle of quarter inch stainless steel formed channel
  • Baffle shield for spreader, left or right
  • Single V tie downs in stainless or mild steel
  • 102 inch catwalk, full width to the rib of spreader hull
  • Tool box for spreader storage
  • Heat shrink wraps for the fittings on hydraulic lines
  • Belly pan for protection of truck chassis with Oak boards for easy cleanout
  • Herculiner

Check out NCI Truck Spreader Brochure

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