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The Newton Crouch Company, the largest supplier of agricultural spreaders, has been pivotal in reshaping agriculture since its inception in 1940. This trusted company offers high-quality equipment, essential for farmers and growers in maximizing agricultural productivity across the United States, including Virginia.

Situated on the East Coast, Virginia, also known as the “Old Dominion,” is recognized for its vibrant agriculture. The state, boasting a population of 7,882,590, and composed of 95 counties, engages in diverse agricultural activities. With approximately 47,000 farms that cover an extensive area of 8.1 million acres, the average farm size is about 171 acres.

Virginia’s climate and soil significantly influence its agricultural practices. The state is divided into five climate regions: Tidewater, Piedmont, Northern Virginia, Western Mountain, and Southwestern Mountain. Winters in the Blue Ridge area can be extremely cold, while areas like Charlottesville, Lynchburg, and Warrenton enjoy long growing seasons with temperatures seldom dropping below 0° F. The state’s average temperature stands at 55.7° F, with annual rainfall varying from 33” in the Shenandoah Valley to over 60” in the southwestern mountains. Pamunkey, the state soil, forms the base for its rich agricultural productivity.

As of 2008, soybeans were the leading cash crop in Virginia, contributing $136 million to the state’s economy, and placing Virginia 20th in national soybean production. Other significant crops include corn, tobacco, and tomatoes, with the latter two ranking third and fourth respectively as cash crops. Poultry farming, specifically broilers, represents Virginia’s most valuable agricultural product, with the state ranking ninth nationally in broiler production. Livestock also play a crucial role in Virginia’s agricultural economy, with 692,000 head of cattle and 98,000 dairy cows. Notably, Virginia is fourth nationally in turkey production and fifth in equine, with the famous Triple Crown winner Secretariat born here.

The impact of agriculture on Virginia’s economy is vast, with the industry contributing $55 billion annually and providing more than 357,000 jobs. The agriculture and forestry industries together have a total economic impact of $79 billion. In this robust agricultural environment, the need for efficient and reliable agricultural spreaders cannot be overstated. Newton Crouch Company’s commitment to innovation and quality ensures they remain an essential partner to Virginia’s farmers.

Their range of agricultural spreaders, from fertilizer to lime and compost-litter-sludge spreaders, caters to the distinct needs of Virginia’s farming operations. Newton Crouch Company also provides comprehensive training, service, and support, allowing farmers to get the most out of their agricultural spreaders. Their extensive inventory of parts and educational resources helps farmers maintain and optimize their equipment, enabling them to enhance their productivity and efficiency.

The continued growth and success of Virginia’s farming industry is fueled by companies like Newton Crouch Company, whose commitment to agricultural spreaders significantly impacts the state’s agriculture. As the agricultural sector in Virginia continues to evolve, Newton Crouch Company remains at the forefront, persistently developing new and innovative farming equipment to meet the changing needs of the industry. 


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Newton Crouch is a leading manufacturer and supplier of agricultural equipment in Virginia. They offer a variety of equipment options to meet the needs of farmers in the region, including dry spreaders, sprayers, tanks, and parts. Their dry equipment is suitable for a range of materials, from fertilizer to compost, and is available in both pull-type and chassis-mounted options. When it comes to sprayers, Newton Crouch has a wide selection of sizes and mounting options to choose from, including pull-type, chassis mounted, and 3-point hitch. For liquid storage needs, Newton Crouch is the largest Norwesco dealer in the Southeast and stocks a variety of tanks in different shapes and sizes, including steel tanks and special orders. Finally, Newton Crouch offers over 10,000 parts in stock at their 3 locations, ensuring that farmers can quickly find the parts they need to keep their equipment running smoothly. In this section, we will focus on Newton Crouch’s spreaders in Virginia and how they can benefit farmers in the region.


Spreaders in Virginia

Newton Crouch offers customizable spreaders tailored to your specific needs, and their experienced sales team can guide you in selecting the optimal equipment for your operation, with cost-saving options available; check their YouTube Channel for equipment videos.

Sprayers in Virginia

Newton Crouch Sprayers are highly customizable, with numerous options available to suit your specific spraying requirements; whether it be pressure, pump, boom, or application needs, their sales team can tailor your equipment accordingly, so speak with them today to get started.

Tanks in Virginia

As the largest Norwesco poly tank dealer in the southeast, Newton Crouch offers a diverse range of liquid storage tanks; their stock and tank sizes constantly change, so call today for the most economical option to suit your needs. Additionally, they carry an array of steel tanks to complement Norwesco’s extensive line.

Parts in Virginia

With a vast inventory of 6,000 parts in stock, Newton Crouch Inc is your go-to resource for quick and efficient parts ordering, with same-day shipping available; their knowledgeable staff can assist you in placing an order, and for added convenience, they offer credit to their customers to expedite the processing of your order.

About Newton Crouch

NCC has manufactured over 15,000 units and currently is the second largest supplier of truck mounted spreaders in the United States.  NCC builds each piece of equipment to customer specs.  There are no large assembly lines or stockpiles of inventory.  You get what you want – no features you don’t need, no frustration because your equipment doesn’t perform how you need.  In addition to equipment, NCC has a Parts Department which carries over ten thousand items specifically for agricultural equipment.

Today, NCC manufactures a wide range of equipment for a large number of specialty crops such as sugar cane, cotton, citrus groves, forestry, tomatoes, wheat and even food plots. The NCC product line includes a broad range of liquid sprayers and applicators as well as dry fertilizer/lime spreaders. Our equipment can be mounted on a chassis, pull-type, or 3-point hitch. Ingenuity and versatility have kept NCC growing.

NCC has changed with the times – in a better way. Our products are still industry leaders in quality and we still offer personal tech support, but our Newton Crouch YouTube Channel allows you to see, hear, learn – all on your schedule.