Variable Rate Series

Save Time and Money with Variable Rate

Variable Rate Spreaders can save you money through fertilizer input cost. Why waste your money over fertilizing an area of your field that is nutrient rich? Or if you have a low yielding area, concentrate extra nutrients there and maximize your field’s capacity. No matter what, variable rate technology helps to ensure that your time and money is well spent.

What you need to use Variable Rate Technology?

Benefits of Variable Rate Technology

Save on Fertilizer Cost

By utilizing soil sampling and mapping, growers can adjust fertilizer rates in different areas of the field which leads to less fertilizer cost.

Increase Yields

When growers apply the right amount of fertilizer at the right time to the right areas of the field, crop performance will increase.

Improve Soil Health

Through soil sampling, farmers gain an understanding of nutrient make up of their land and can

Save Time

Reduce your time spreading by reducing your total product being applied.

Informed Decision Making

Get detailed field data so you can tailor your inputs and field management.

Environmental Benefits

Reduce nitrates that can be leached into groundwater.

Tandem Spreader

Our Tandem Axle Series is ready to tackle rough terrains while delivering exceptional performance in fertilizer and lime applications.

Row Crop Spreader

Our most popular model in the Southeastern United States, the Row Crop Series comes in variety of fixed wheel centers, reversible wheel, or adjustable axles.

3-Point Hitch Spreader

Built for fertilizer or lime application, this hydraulic spreader is variable rate ready.