Year: 2017

First Wintry Blast

Georgia (and much of the southeast) is experiencing its first wintry blast with possible flurries and generally nasty conditions on cold wet roads. NCI can provide your county, city or even subdivision with cost effective, efficient, easy to use de-icing equipment. Call us at 800-241-1350 and speak to a representative who can give your a quote on equipment that is customized to YOUR use.

Beat the Spring Rush

Many of you are starting to put the growing season of 2017 to rest so its time to look ahead to how to make 2018 an even better year.  Newton Crouch Inc would gladly discuss new spreading innovations and guidance technologies with you to help you better know what it available.  Also by shopping early you avoid the dreaded spring rush – especially if you want a custom piece of equipment.  We do our best to make up trailers, hulls, and have tires on the yard so that we don’t have a big lead time for our customers but as the spring moves forward, so does our lead time.

We have sales representatives throughout the southeast and dealers across the US to help you find the best equipment for you.  Please visit our webpage to find a sales representative in your area: or a dealer:

We look forward to hearing from you!!

Also there are some tax advantages to ordering equipment before the end of the year.  Please discuss these with you tax advisor as they could help save you some money.

NCI Spreaders are THE Spreader of the Sunbelt Expo

Newton Crouch Inc has been exhibiting at the Sunbelt Expo since its start and this year the Sunbelt Expo is celebrating is 40th year! Make sure to mark your calendar’s for this year’s expo October 16-18 in Moultrie, Georgia at Spence Field.  Let’s all hope for less rain this year!!!!  Also check out the wide variety of events that will be taking place:

Newton Crouch Inc was proudly named THE Official Spreader of the Sunbelt Expo many years ago and have held the title ever since.  The leaders of the Sunbelt recognize that Newton Crouch Inc equipment is a step above the rest.  Our durable construction leads to long lasting and dependable equipment.

Features that set NCI apart and save you money:

  • Hull bolted on to trailer which allows for easier maintenance of trailer and hull
  • Trailer manufactured of tubing.  Unlike channel frames, tubing frames reduce crevices and ledges where material can sit and corrode the paint and steel.
  • Trailer is powder coated
  • Trailer supports full length of spreader body.  Many of our competitor’s trailers support partially support the length of the spreader body
  • Spreader wheels  have solid welds
  • Hopper capacity of NCI 9 foot is 172 cu.ft and 10 foot is 192 cu.ft.
  • Window in front panel of spreader allows operator to easily see hopper load while in tractor.
  • No bridging when spreading gypsum and lime with our 24 inch conveyor.  Widest conveyor in the industry!
  • Heavy duty dishes and blades available as option.  These thicker dishes and blades last longer and lessen your maintenance cost.
  • Dual spinner motors mounted underneath.  Motors have double bearings, triple sealed against contamination, and are grease able. Spinner motor shafts create more torque with increased pressure.
  • Truck spreaders have large oil tanks with internal filter and large return filters.
  • Belt over chain available as option.  Special design for triblock lime.

We look forward to seeing your at our booth, B-2, at the 2012 Sunbelt Expo!

Hurricane Irma

Sebring NCI has prepared for Hurricane Irma wind & rain on Sunday & Monday. Sebring will be closed on Friday as our associates prepare their own homes. Monday will be a day of assessing damage. NCI Griffin & Albany will be available until Sebring reopens. Praying for Florida!